Homework Policy

Homework Policy

In accordance with SBISD Board Policy EIB (local), our campus homework practice is as follows.

1. The purpose of all types of homework shall be to promote high quality student learning

and achievement.

2. Homework shall target specific learning outcomes, reinforce TEKS taught in the classroom and provide practice in specific skills.

3. Students shall be provided sufficient information and direction needed to complete

homework independently.

4. Homework shall be sufficient but not excessive to its intended purpose.

5. Homework shall not be assigned as a discipline consequence.

6. The assignment of homework shall be aligned to the expectations outlined in SBISD Grading Expectations and curriculum documents.

7. No homework shall be assigned to be completed over holiday breaks including religious

holy days.

In accordance with SBISD Grading Expectations, grades 2 – 5 follow these guidelines:

1. Not to exceed 1 hour nightly.

2. Completion of homework is to be reflected in the work habits grades, not in the content area grade.

Grade Level Practice

45 minutes to 1 hour of homework Monday through Thursday (subject to change)

Assignments can include a math sheet, spelling, math facts, reading or math TAKS practice, internet activity, a science or social studies activity.

20 minutes of nightly reading and maintaining a reading log

Nightly homework checked in class

If all homework is completed for the week, they will receive extra 10 minutes of recess on Friday.

Students that repeatedly do not complete homework will sit out at recess.

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